7 Tips for a Virtual Apartment Tour & How to Create One

EYESPY360 allows users to create 360-degree virtual tours with virtual staging services. They offer a free trial that includes one tour, a $15 pay-per-tour option, and a monthly plan. EYESPY360 provides specialty features that enhance the renter’s experience. The world has changed in the past couple of years, in part due to COVID-19 but also the boom of virtual reality. It changed the way we socialize and even the way we shop for products. It also changed the housing market and how people go about viewing property listings.

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If done correctly, you’re on your way to selling more houses for higher values. Not every property is for everyone, and ultimately, only one buyer will end up in the house you’re showing. So, when your buyers sign-up for the event, give them an option to get information on future listings. You can also provide the option again in a flawless follow-up email after the event. You can use tools like Matterport to provide buyers with a 360-degree view of the property. Whether you’re doing a Livestream or a pre-recorded open house event, you can also provide a link to this feature to give your buyers the most insight possible into the property. Since you’re in control of the experience, you need to slow down to give viewers plenty of time to engage with the space.

Most real estate brokerages use their websites primarily to promote their listings; however, most property searches take place on portals like Zillow these days. However, surviving a global pandemic isn’t the only reason to start a virtual brokerage. Moving your brokerage online offers many benefits for your business—and you can easily overcome the disadvantages. But this becomes much more complex when what you’re selling is a space — not a shirt or a lamp — but something with an interior, like a house, a room with a view, or even a car.

#2. Create a Virtual Model of Real Estate

Shoot footage from various angles, and record yourself opening cabinets, closets, and other doorways. When touring an apartment in person, prospective residents like to check inside closets, open cabinets, and peer into every nook and cranny of a unit. Likewise, prospects taking a virtual tour want to see every inch of the unit. Read more about 3D Virtual Property Tour here. However, you may also want to purchase a shoulder mount to stabilize the camera and produce a smoother video. At the click of a button you can do a 360 degree spin and it really gives you a better feel for a NYC apartment.

To add a hotspot for another scene, first, go to the Scene tab, select the desired Scene, then go to the Hotspot tab to view its respective Hotspots. This will mean that the image is uploaded as the current scene image. The Stop Auto Rotation After lets you set a time after which the tour will stop auto-rotating. According to this image, the scene fade duration is set to 1000 milliseconds i.e. 1 second. Hence there will be a 1-second fading effect to transit from one scene to another.

Consider implementing a 360-degree view

If you can help them overcome those problems, or solve those pains, money will attract itself to you. If you focus your time and attention on understanding and solving your clients needs, you will naturally and easily make money…. Rather than focusing on your tools, your tech, your experience, yourself…you will struggle. Pearson likes to gauge how much noise a property sees by asking the realtor to conduct a silent tour. “Basically, you have the agent walk you through the house without speaking so that you have the chance to listen for noise,” he says. We use such marketing pease for representation links of our property and also this product is integrated into out home page. As long as there’s another phone to scan the QR code and access the virtual, it’ll work.

Ensuring a Smooth User Experience

360 virtual tours are a highly popular and affordable way to offer buyers a realistic experience of any listing using only their laptop, pad, or smartphone. Virtual staging allows you to take your 360 virtual tours to the next level by decorating the listing to make it as enticing as possible. You could make with one client what you would normally make in a month of photographing houses. Right off the bat, forget about using your smartphone to create virtual tours. This is typically done via a specialized camera equipped with multiple lenses and infrared that can sense, measure, and capture depth.

By learning how to create a virtual tour, real estate professionals can present their properties in a more engaging and informative manner, leveraging the latest in virtual technology. Such an approach, especially when applied to real estate, enhances the viewer’s experience, giving them a comprehensive understanding of the space. By employing how to make a virtual tour for real estate techniques, realtors can provide a more in-depth and accessible view of their properties. This is the perfect starting point for those interested in exploring the benefits and mastering the process of creating a virtual tour. Our comprehensive guide provides all the necessary details to embark on this digital journey, transforming your business with a unique and compelling marketing approach.

I often will put the client’s logo at the bottom to cover up the tripod, as I did with this one. When it comes to a virtual tour, yes, you get a near-perfect idea about the scene you see. But again, you can’t accurately guess the directions and the layouts of how each scene is connected to the other in real life. Normally, when you have images or a video, you are only looking at the house from a certain angle and can’t really imagine how it may be in reality. When selling houses, you will see that one of the major reasons your buyers may reject a house is due to the way the property was planned or built. Similarly, if there are many photos of a home’s exterior but only a few of the interior, it could be an indication that the house needs work. After you’ve taken the pictures, you will need to stitch the photos together into a smooth 360-degree view.

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